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Our Mission

Do what makes your heart  


Do what makes your heart shine. These six simple words are a testament to the life Sable Gibson led while on this earth. In 10 short years, Sable did things that made her heart shine brighter than most people can do in their lifetime. Our purpose as a foundation is to spread Sable's light and give kindness to anyone who may need it. We have been collecting donations to assist kids in need, and helping to fund Child Life Specialist at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.


We are always planning events and fundraising activities, see our blog for ways you can get involved.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

— Luke 6:31



Weekend Lunches

Weekend "Shine" Packs

Shine Like Sable provides funding to Mason City Schools Weekend Food Program, ensuring Sable’s desire to feed those in need continues. Sable insisted on packing an extra lunch every day to ensure no friend ever felt hunger.

Due to family finances, or not having a parent at home to cook, many students may not have access to a hot meal while school is on break. 

 Each school week, volunteer high school students pack nutritional meals, snacks, and beverages for distribution to low-income students on Fridays to last them through the weekend. The food bags are then delivered to students’ lockers during Friday classes when the hallways are empty, so those students don’t draw attention. Or they are dropped off at the front of closed classroom doors so teachers can quietly hand them to students before they leave for home.


Every week Shine Like Sable provides over 600 packs to children in the Mason, Ohio school district. Shine Like Sable needs your help to continue this fight until no child knows hunger.

Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital

Shine Like Sable provides funding to the Child Life Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to further their efforts in God’s work. 

Child Life specialists at Cincinnati Children’s are committed to the practice of family-centered care by promoting play, education, developmental and psychosocial support. We are an integral part of the health care team who can support you in both your child’s outpatient visit and inpatient stay. Child Life specialists can minimize stress and maximize coping of patients and families during their health care experience by:

  • Serving as experts in growth and development

  • Bridging the gap between hospital and home by offering familiar activities such as play, school, and special events

  • Providing age-appropriate education to help explain the health care experience

  • Preparing children and their families before and during medical procedures

  • Advocating for patients and families and encouraging their involvement during hospitalization

  • Providing emotional support for the entire family during drastic life changes

Our commitment is enriched through research and the education of professionals and the community.

Pay It Foward

Pay It Forward


To honor the memory of Sable, we formed this foundation to pay it forward with kindness. Sable was always performing acts of kindness without a thought about it. Paying it forward is a way of spreading positivity, kindness, and doing a good deed for a neighbor or stranger. You can pay it forward by :

  • Buying someone's meal

  • Help a homeless person

  • Donate your clothes, other items, or blood

  • Give your spare change

  • Be forgiving

Life will provide you with numerous opportunities to pay it forward. You only have to be attentive. If you just look up 2 inches you'll see something you can do. It doesn’t matter how much you give. All that matters is that you are willing to give and to spread the word.

Come to one of our events to pick up some Sable Random Act of Kindness Cards to spread to whomever receives your gift.

Share your pay it forward story and tag #ShineLikeSable

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Children Therapy Dog

Children Therapy Dog

Money raised through the foundation was used to fund a therapy dog at Mason Early Childhood Center (MECC) which is part of the Mason School District for Pre-K through 2nd grade.

Research shows that petting a dog can lower cortisol levels, especially in children. We raised money for a MECC therapy dog that works in the school library on a daily basis. This dog is available for children to read with, help children if they need a little extra love and he/she will also be available to other schools in Mason if canine comfort is needed.

The MECC therapy dog is named Gibson, in loving memory of Sable Gibson. Sable will always be remembered as being a joy to everyone, having compassion for people beyond her years and she LOVED dogs!!!

Our goal is to provide another therapy dog to continue this program to more who could benefit.


Comet Cupboard


One of the ways we support students is through our financial support to the Comet Cupboard, which is housed at Mason Intermediate School.


The Comet Cupboard is a food pantry that provides free groceries to students and families in need. We provide the Comet Cupboard with financial support to help them purchase food and other essential items.

In addition to our financial support to the Comet Cupboard, we also provide feminine hygiene products to the "care closet" at Mason High School and Mason Middle School. The care closet is a resource for students who need access to feminine hygiene products. We provide the care closet with feminine hygiene products to ensure that all students have access to these essential items.

We are committed to supporting students in need in our community. We believe that all students deserve to have the opportunity to succeed, and we are proud to be able to help make that happen.

We are always looking for more ways to spread Sable's light. Contact us to share areas of need so we can continue to pay it forward.
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