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Sable Paige Gibson passed away on February 20, 2019 after suffering cardiac arrest resulting from strep throat and influenza. Although she was taken from her loved ones too soon, the eternal light in her heart continues to shine bright through all the lives she has touched. 

Sable was witty, artistic, full of kindness, and loved the color pink. Her friends adored her giggle, her contagious smile, and her spunky personality. Known to her family as “little sister” they describe her as giving, thoughtful, and selfless.

 Her dad calls it a sixth sense and says Sable just knew when others were hurting or in need.  Every day she made sure her classmates were taken care of by packing extra snacks or a second lunch to feed someone in need. Sable made sure kids felt included and was often found hovering around the playground buddy bench in case someone needed a friend. Sweet Sable truly had a heart of gold.

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"She was naturally just a light and when you look at her smile you see that"

— Tracy Carson, Mason City Schools

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